If Your Kansas Home is Having Foundation Problems, Mold, or Flooding, It Might Just Be Your Gutters That Are the Problem.

Most of the people who we speak with have absolutely no idea how much damage can be caused by lousy ineffective gutters.

The job of your gutters is simple, but essential. You want to take rain water and get it away from your home – that’s it. It seems like it shouldn’t be that difficult but when you start to add in things like leaves, twigs, and other debris that get stuck in your gutters that’s when the problems start. Even without debris getting stuck inside many gutters just don’t work properly and water leaks everywhere.

And in case you don’t know, water is bad for your home – REALLY BAD!

The Solution We Recommend To Our Friends And Family

At Axtell Seamless Guttering, we spend countless hours evaluating a wide range of products so we can offer you the best quality AND the best value. When it comes to gutters what you want are gutters that can be customized for a perfect fit on your home, will not leak, and can effectively keep all of that stuff from getting stuck inside.

We have had fantastic results with Seamless Guttering from the Senox Corporation and Leaf Relief - Gutter Protection. The combination of these two high quality products allows us to customize a gutter system that is fitted perfectly to your home. Not some generic, one size fits all gutters that can’t possibly protect your home.

Senox Corp.Leaf Relief Gutter Protection System

It Just Works – Plain And Simple

Axtell Guttering owners Curtis & Bryon

If you aren’t positive that your gutters can protect your home give us a call. We are happy to come out and evaluate your setup.

If you know how we operate you know that we will ALWAYS give you a straight answer. We will absolutely never try to sell you something you don’t need. We will happily tell you if your existing gutters are going the job.

If we find that your gutters aren’t doing the job – and you are interested – we will give you a quote for our customized system. Our prices are VERY FAIR and most people find that the protection you get for the price is an absolute no brainer.

As always, it is our sincere pleasure to serve you.

Axtell Seamless Guttering is a Kansas based company that has been locally owned and operated for more than 45 years. We install gutters and downspouts while proudly severing the communities in the following Kansas counties: Jewel, Mitchell, Cloud Republic, Washington, Clay, Marshall, Nemaha, Brown, Doniphan, Jackson, Atchison, and most of the Highway 36 corridor.